Sunday, July 8, 2012

Runner's World "The Egg Lover" Sandwich

"Cool the egg in a pan misted with just a little olive oil and skip the bacon.  A smear of mashed avocado - a source of mono-unsaturated fat - on a whole-grain English muffin helps keep 'bad cholesterol' under control,' says Whittle. Tomato and a small handful of spinach add flavor, carbs, and antioxidants" (Gartland).

Taste: The egg sandwich was actually really good considering it didn't have a meat and was rather healthy. I added a little pepper to the egg and a little lime juice to the crushed avocado and toasted the whole sandwich. I ate it with an iced coffee with a little cream and sugar and it was delicious.

Filling: One was almost enough for me but didn't quite do the trick, I had a small piece of blueberry bread afterwards and was satisfied.

Health: The sandwich was very healthy. A little high on fat, but healthy fat made it a good success. I would disagree though that the spinach was enough to be significant anti-oxidants (I really only could fit a couple of leaves in it).

Cost: Cheap! @ $1.73 per sandwich 

$1.50 Avocado / 2 servings = $0.75
$1.10 Tomato / 5 servings = $0.22
$3.50 English Muffins / 6 servings = $0.58
$1.50 Eggs / 12 servings =  $0.13
$1.50 Spinach / 30 servings = $0.05

Recipe: Slice tomatoes, fry egg, crush avocado, put sandwich together, and toast.

Time: Approximately 10 minutes.

Works Cited: Gartland, Ashley. "Morning Story." Runner's World August 2012 41-44.

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